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Residential: When it comes to your house we know it feels great to
come home when its clean. Whether its just everyday straightening or
for that major cleaning right before your mother-in-law comes over for
the holidays. We've got you covered. We do kitchens, living rooms,
bathrooms, stairs, hallways...
Commercial: Are the tile floors getting worn? Are the carpets getting
dirty? Is the grime on your windows not letting in enough light? Have we
got a solution for you! Call us! We do carpet cleaning, strip and wax jobs,
windows, and much more. What about fire and flood damage you ask?
Well we can help you with that as well...
Custodial: So, its been a long day. The printer jammed twice, the
garbages are now overflowing, and someone spilled pop all over the break
room floor and didn't do a very good clean up job.  We can help. By the
time you come to work tomorrow you won't even know there was pop on
the floor and everything will be tidy and neat just how you like it...
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