When it comes to your house we know it feels great to come home when
its clean. Whether its just everyday straightening or for that major cleaning
right before your mother-in-law comes over for the    holidays. We've got
you covered. We do kitchens, living rooms,                 bathrooms, stairs,
hallways and more. You name it we'll do                               it. Below is
a break down of ways we can help                                         around
your house.
For The Kitchen/Dining Room:

*Clean inside and outside of all kitchen cupboards and
*Clean Stove, inside and out, hob and extractor fan.
*Clean microwave, inside and out.
*Defrost fridge and freezer, clean inside and outside.
*Clean dishwasher & washing machine inside and out.
*Wipe down appliances such as toaster, blender,  etc.
*Wipe Down all work surfaces.
*Vacuuming or mopping of all floors.
             (Includes the vacuuming of rugs.)
*Clean interior windows and sills.
*Emptying of garbage cans.
*Clean light switches and door knobs
For the Living Room:

*Dust/ wipe of skirting boards.
*Dust tables, pianos, and shelves
*Dust/ wipe all lamp shades and light
*Clean cob webbing on ceilings.
*Clean interior windows and sills.
*Vacuuming or mopping of floors.
*Emptying of garbage cans.
For the Bathroom:

*Clean bath/shower in order to
remove all soap scum and build up.
*Removal of soap scum and build up
from bathroom tiles.
*Toilet cleaned thoroughly inside
and out.
*Clean sinks and vanity.
*Wipe all mirrors.
*Mopping of vacuuming of floors.
*Clean interior windows and sills.
*Empty garbage cans.
For the Bedrooms:

*Wipe/dust skirting boards.
*Wipe/dust lamp shades, light
switches, and door knobs.
*Clean cobwebs on all ceilings.
*Clean interior windows and sills.
*Dust television, dresser,
pictures, ect.
*Make beds.
*Emptying of garbage cans.
For the hallway and stairs:

*Vacuuming of all areas of
stairs and hallways.
*Wipe skirting boards.
*Dust/ Wipe lamp shades, light
switches, and door knobs.
*Cobwebs on all ceilings.
*Cleaning of all interior
windows and sills.
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