Not only do we offer custodial services for
businesses and office buildings but now we also
offer custodial services for schools as well! Let us
know how we can help you by clicking the
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So, its been a long day. The printer jammed twice, the garbages are
now overflowing, and someone spilled pop all over the break room floor
and didn't do a very good clean up job.  We can help. By the time you
come to work tomorrow you won't even know there was pop on the floor
and everything will be tidy and neat just how you like it. We"ll even get
those commonly touched surfaces so you can feel good about coming to
work. Not to mention staying healthier.
Our custodial services include:
*emptying garbages
*cleaning and restocking bathrooms
*wiping down commonly touched surfaces
including light switches, door knobs, drawer
handles, computer keyboards (computer must be
turned off), computer mouse, etc.
*sweeping and mopping
*vacuuming carpets and rugs
*wiping down tables in the break room area

Our services are customizable. If you need
something else done that's not on the list let us
know. We're happy to help.
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